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Zodiac Greek Island List

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Zodiac Greek Island List


Some call me crazy but I prefer to see myself as a tad spiritual, so bare with me just a bit longer and I will explain what I am all about. I have recently entered the world of astrology and the zodiac signs and as an amateur zodiac lover I have found that certain traits really do represent each individual according to their zodiac sign. Some go overboard of course, and tend to advice their zodiac predictions every single day or before making a life-of-death decision! I don’t like extremes; I just argue that each person carries some specific traits which he/she was born with, brought on by their zodiac sign. This got me thinking, and I went a step further...this is where you can call me crazy...but I thought why not choose where to jet off to on holiday according to your zodiac sign, I mean aren’t countries also influenced by the stars and moon?

I figured, what the heck I’ll give it a try, and during my Greek island hopping travels I put together an amateur island zodiac guide. Still don’t get it? I think that depending on what you are (cancer, Gemini etc) you will enjoy a certain type of holiday or country. Read on and find out which island is made for you!


Santorini is made for Pisces! Imaginative, romantic and dreamy are all qualities attributed to Pisces. Guess what? Santorini is just that-a place where imagination runs wild, a place to fall in love, a dreamy island! Pisces will immediately feel the magic pull and magical flair of Santorini. The island is made for them. Pisces are especially lured in the island’s breathtaking sunsets. Word of advice to all Pisces out there: take your lover with you!


Rhodes is made for Libras! Rhodes is a real charmer, captivating all souls with its infinite romance, traditional beliefs and strict morality and idealism, making Libras feel right at home! The island’s Old Town, a UNESCO Heritage Site, transports Libras to another era, even to another dimension. Made up of narrow-winding alleyways, the Old Town invites visitors to explore its every step while marvelling at its quaint medieval architecture.


Crete is made for a Taurus! Why? Well as a Taurus, Crete is a proud island where locals live by traditions and customs. A Taurus would fit right in when in Crete, enjoying the locals’ unmatchable hospitality, rich cultural heritage, charismatic villages and genuineness. The island’s rich history and authenticity would captivate a Taurus and win him over in no time at all!


Corfu was made for Cancers! Corfu islanders are fun and home loving people-sensitive as well as strict abiders of traditions and customs. Cancers are family people, who have high virtues and morals. These features make them ideal Corfu lovers! The island is like a massive family, a place where people greet you in the middle of the street. What’s more Corfu’s Old Town is a major hit to all Cancers. Why? Strolling through narrow stone-paved alleys, discovering hidden treasures on each corner, marvelling at the ancient medieval architecture, soaking in the history and culture are all elements that would appeal to any Cancer’s romantic nature.


Samos is made for Virgos! The green-covered island lures in Virgos like flies to honey! Why? Virgos are by nature defined as sceptics and thinkers as well as being known for their analytical capabilities. Samos attracts Virgos as the island was the homeland of two of the greatest Greek men that changed the world, Aristarchus and Pythagoras.


Mykonos is made for a Gemini! Mykonos is the island of two extremes, offering all its travellers a glimpse of glamour and extravagance while at the same time preserving its traditions and authenticity. In Mykonos anything is possible-you get the all day party scene, glorious bays and cosmopolitan flair while at the same time you are overwhelmed by their quaint 16th century Little Venice, whitewashed Windmills and ancient Panagia Paraportianni. Like a Gemini, Mykonos is adaptable and flexible.


Ios is made for a Sagittarius! Sagittarius lives and breathes adventure and spontaneity, making him the perfect fit for Ios dominant and breathtaking landscapes and intense night scene. Imagine the adrenaline rush of discovering new unmanned spots!


Hydra is made for Leos! By nature, Leos are made to lead; they are proud and controlling as well as dominating. Similarly, the island of Hydra is defined by its pride of its rich and glorious history.


Paros is made for Aries! Like an Aries, Paros is known for its cosmopolitan vibe and lively nature, a place where locals are open and friendly, willing to mingle, as well as fun loving. What’s more Aries love their breathtaking scenery, glorious golden beaches and green-blanketed landscapes. Finally, when the sun hits the horizon, the vibe goes up a notch and the island is transformed into a party playground!


Kefalonia is made for any Aquarius! The island’s unmatchable beauty and carefree outgoing nature will make an Aquarius feel right at home. By nature an Aquarius is an independent, carefree and optimistic spirit, fitting ideally with the island’s temperament, blissful and cheery nature.


Kos is made for Scorpios! Scorpios dominating and strong as well as calm and tranquil nature will fit right in the island’s volatile yet serene setting!


Chios is made for a Capricorn! Capricorns will find themselves in Chios as they relate to the island’s turbulent past while struggling to complete hard hikes through natural landscapes and marvelling at the island’s glorious ancient sites and cultural heritage.

What do you think? Do you still believe I’m out of my right mind? Give it a try and see for yourself! There is an ideal destination for each and every one of you! All you need to do is consult the stars! 

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