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Will You Marry Me?

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Will You Marry Me?

Looking for the perfect spot to pop the big question? Saying these simple words, ‘Will you marry me?’ is a memory that both of you will cherish for the remainder of your lives together. Wherever or however you choose to ask your lover to become your wife will mark your life for good. Proposing while on vacation will add to the magic so we are here to help you out! These intoxicatingly romantic destinations will surely do the trick! You will be engaged in no time!

1. Classic-Eiffel Tower

One of the top most romantic places in the universe, the Eiffel Tower, which overlooks the entire city of lights, Paris! With charming cafes and bistros on each corner, marvellous architecture and rich art roots and culture. Don’t forget that French is internationally known as the language of love! So, while you’re on the peak of the Eiffel Tower, bend on one knee and pop the question: ‘Veux-tu m'épouser?’

2. Endless Romantic-the Venice Canals

Are you an endless romantic at heart? Make the ‘Will you marry me?’ fiasco even more special by popping the question while riding down on the canal, right on the charming gondolas. There is no way your lover will turn you down, as Venice’s Venetian architecture, lively squares and busy markets are more than enough to make a woman fall madly in love! Venice does that to you-it’s intoxicating!

3. Little Venice-Mykonos

Mykonos’ charm and appeal is unmatchable! Its 16th century Venetian quarter is even more exhilarating and intoxicating. After wandering aimlessly through the narrow-winding alleys of Chora, marvelling at the white-washed Cycladic homes and blue-domed chapels, you find yourself in Little Venice. Take your better half to one of the many bars for a quick drink, where balconies linger in the blue sea and as the sun hits the horizon whisper into her ear, ‘Will you marry me?’ Romantic right?

4. The Hip Choice-Sydney Harbour

We all know the Aussies aren’t the hopeless romantic types, they just don’t get it! Nonetheless, their stunning country is ideal for popping the question! Whisk her heart away while overlooking the view of the infinite glistening waters on Sydney Harbour! she will definitely fall in to your arms with joy!

5. Make your mark-Cyprus’ Kourion

Kourion, once the most thriving and important city kingdom in Cyprus, is the perfect spot to blurt out the Big One! The ancient archaeological site transports all its visitors to another era back in time. The 2nd century Greco-Roman Theatre, Kourion amphitheatre is the most renowned ancient findings of our times. In fact it has been completely restored which makes it the perfect spot for your mission. Regular musical and theatrical performances run throughout the summer months. Therefore, here goes: Pick a performance you think your better half will like, and while you are under the stars watching the performance with the Mediterranean as backdrop-do it-pop the question!

6. Adventurous Choice-Grand Canyon

The thrilling gorge is the most adventurous setting to ask the woman you love to be your wife! The complete enormity of the gorge, almost 300 miles, creates the perfect setting to blurt out the question, surrounded by nature, beauty and awe-inspiring scenery-it will be hard for her to turn you down!

7. Rome’s Trevi Fountain

After a long yet thrilling day of sightseeing in Rome, and believe me there are quite a few, take your lady for a stroll and make sure you end at at Trevi Fountain, the most renowned and glorious fountain in Rome, where you bend on one knee and hit her with the it. It’s a great way to go! Another top proposal spot is Rome’s one-of-a-kind Coliseum. The choice is yours!

8. Ontario’s Niagara Falls

I could never quite pin point the reason why waterfalls are so romantic! Can you? Whatever the reason, their glorious beauty or their majestic-like dominance, waterfalls are top on our proposal spots. Romance is in the air at Niagara Falls, creating the perfect setting and atmosphere to win over your loved one.

9. Beach Choice-Limnionas Beach in Zante

Those looking for a beach setting to pop the life-altering question should most definitely opt for Zante’s Limnionas.  Not a beach per say, but a tiny rocky cove with turquoise waters perfect for romantic swims. The setting is more than fabulous, natural scenery and perfect waters surround you, the only thing left to do is pop the question and viola-you got yourself engaged! Congratulations!

10.  Fairytale Option-Rhodes’ Old Town

Rhodes’ UNESCO listed Old town is captivating to say the least, attracting thousands of tourists to explore its winding labyrinth-like alleys. Upon entering the walls of this majestic quaint medieval town, time will literally stop! It is as if you expect knights to pass by on their horses! A truly fairytale setting to pop the life-changing question you are dying to blurt out!

So there you have it! No need to stress over creating the right setting to pop the question! All you need to do is buy the ring and take your pick on where to whisk off to! Congratulations future Mr. and Mrs.!

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